Bliss Point Farm

and B&B, LLC

My name Sarah Lanzman. I am a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (CINHC).  I’m also a professional chef of 30 years. I have a holistic approach to health and cooking. Flavor in my dishes reflect the local, natural and organic foods I use in my recipes.

I am currently accepting new clients as a personal chef, health coach and nutritional consultant. For more information, contact me (540) 456-6028 or send an email to  or through the CONTACT page.  I would be happy to set up a personal meeting or phone consultation.  I recently started Bliss Point Farm together with my husband Reimer Brodersen. We practice sustainable, biological farming, producing tree fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers. We are dedicated to sustainable living practices, environmental, nutritional and cooking education, as well as to the exploration and propagation of useful plants that can dramatically better people’s lives.

We are currently in the planning stages.  See the ABOUT BLISS POINT page for some of our ideas.  We welcome your suggestions!  And we encourage you to get involved.


Bliss Point Farm Sarah Lanzman 1784 Simmons Gap Rd Dyke, VA  22935 USA

+(01) 540 456-6028