Our plans are to create:

  • A holistic retreat center
  • A sustainable bed and breakfast
  • A store selling locally-made goods such as foods (fresh produce, packaged and freshly prepared), wines/beer, arts/crafts, music, books, herbal products, etc
  • Sustainable organic agriculture – growing fruits and vegetables
  • Teaching sustainable organic agriculture methods
  • A meeting space
  • Classes
  •  Music & dance, festivals and theatre performances
  • A place for one recovering from illness to stay short term and receive a custom diet of whole foods that support their healing
  • Offer the services of other holistic health practitioners on site (massage, herbs, acupuncture etc.)
  • A banquet facility
  • Establish a health dept.-approved community kitchen
  • A variety of organic vegetables and medicinal herbs grown on site

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Bliss Point Farm Sarah Lanzman 1784 Simmons Gap Rd Dyke, VA  22935 USA

+(01) 540 456-6028